Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Federal Hill Wine Festival

Another Saturday up in Baltimore with friends - and this time it was great. We spent the afternoon at the Federal Hill Wine Festival, which was much more our speed than last weekends Oktoberfest.

This event featured wines from all over - California, Chile, France. Very little, if any from local vineyards (which unfortunately is a pretty good thing). It was $25 to get in, which we thought was steep at first, but it turned out to be a great deal. Not only did we end up with pretty much unlimited wine (they stopped taking tickets at some point), but there were also food samples from the vendors at Cross Street Market. And the bars along the street didn't seem to care if you went in with your free wine and hung out.

I think my favorite of everything we tasted was a Chilean wine - Casillero del Diablo Cab Syrah. It was spicy (which I like) and pretty unique. There was a "VIP Tent" where they poured the more pricey selections. I tried a Cakebread wine from California which was pretty good too. The highlight of the day was the champagne tent though, where they started pouring unlimited pretty decent champagne about halfway through the festival.

Federal Hill is a perfect day trip for the young & married crew from the DC area - great bars & restaurants, fun atmosphere and friendly people!